Robert Horry Sports Medicine VIP Program

We are excited to have Robert Horry Sports Medicine as our official healthcare provider.  This VIP program offers 24/7 care with an INJURY HOTLINE at 832-517-6206.  If the injury needs immediate attention there will be VIP services ready at the following Emergency Rooms (please let the ER know that you are a Robert Horry Sports Medicine VIP member and your ER copay will be waived):

Memorial Heights 24 Hour Emergency Center                              Memorial 24 Hour Emergency Center                                                                                                                                   4000 Washington Ave.,  77007                                                     14520 Memorial Dr.,   77079              

If the injury is not severe the injured participant can choose to go in for a FREE INJURY SCREENING at the Robert Horry Sports Medicine Sugarland location (1111 Hwy 6 South Suite 235).  Please call 832-517-6206 to schedule a time.


The first step is diagnosis of injury. Their experienced staff can screen your injury and recommend several orthopedic surgeons based on your needs and location. 


They can assist you with the process of making your first appointment, getting imaging done and anything else you may need.  If you have a physician you prefer to work with, they can communicate to make sure there is a great plan for recovery.


If Physical Therapy is needed, their full-service location can help with all your needs, while communicating with your physician to ensure a fast recovery. They can also assist you in follow up appointments as well as developing a wellness plan to keep you healthy.

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