Co-Ed Bowling Rules

What are the sex requirements for the teams?

2 guys and 2 girls.  There are exceptions (independents), if approved from the league.


What is the handicap rule?

90% of the difference between your average and 200.


Are handicaps carried forward from season to season?



What is the blind score?  (This is when a player is absent.)

10 points below their average.


What if they don’t have an established average yet?



It is the same for male and female?



How late can someone show up and still bowl?

They must show up by the end of the 5 frame of the first game.  If not, they can start the second game.


How do players protest posted results?

Put it in writing and give to the league coordinator to hand in with that weeks results.


Who wins the finals if 2 teams have the same record?

There will be a 1 game bowl-off.



If you have any other questions, feel free to ask your friendly league coordinator !!

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