Internship Program

Thanks for inquiriing about our internship program at Sportsmonkey.  I've created an outline below to give you an idea of what to expect.  If you are interested or want more information please contact and/or send your resume to:

Internship Program Outline

I.   Objective/Goals
II.  Sample 12 Week Program
III. Special Project Examples
IV. Lucky's Pub Affiliation
V.  SSIA Member - What does that mean for you?


To gain an understanding of all aspects of our business including:

          1. Customer Service

          2. Facility Relations
          3. Special Event Management
          4. Financial Collections
          5. Membership
          6. Scheduling
          7. League & Event Quality and Preparation
          8. Sponsorship
          9. Advertising
         10. Grass Roots Marketing
         11. Public Relations
         12. Website Maintenance

To run a quality league, unsupervised, from set-up to take-down

To help negotiate and operate a special event

To gain practical experience under 15 years of professional supervision

Sample 12 Week Calendar

Week 1:  Complete orientation worksheet, familiarize yourself with the office, get email set up, learn how to handle gemeral email or phone inquiries and send appropriate information, figure out what league or leagues you are interested in running/participating 

Week 2:  Assist with individual registrations and building teams.  Make calls and send emails to promote the upcoming season and special events.  discuss special project possibilities with supervisor.  choose two sport leagues to supervise and run on a week to week basis.  assist with Lucky's Pub marketing and general event planning.

Week 3:  Assist and review scheduling, rules, rainout and cancellation policies.  Continue to assist with general league preparation as needed.  Choose and prepare outline for special project.  Assist in field maintenance. Create and post a blog on website and various social media outlets.

Week 4:  Calculate weekly stats and standings.  assist with the proofing of weekly league customer service basics.  Learn how to update website for standings,schedule changes and event information.  Assist with Lucky's Pub marketing and general event planning.

Week 5:  Generate email and texting list from new rosters and members.  Assist with overdue fee collections.  Work on special project.  Make sponsorship calls on behalf of an upcoming special event (examples:  a charity golf tournament, NYE party, softball tournament, etc.).

Week 6:  Work on special project.  Brainstorm with staff on promotional plan for an upcoming event and all sports leagues.  Review special event budgets and procedures.  Assist with Lucky's Pub marketing and general event planning.  Update blog on website and various social media outlets.

Week 7:  Work on special project.  Meet with supervisor to discuss progress.  Organize and inventory league equipment and office supplies.  Mid-term evaluation.

Week 8:  Continue to work on special project.  Assist with putting together an event specific sponsorship proposal and follow it through to completion.  assist with the sales of website advertising space.  Assist with Lucky's Pub marketing and general event planning.

Week 9:  Continue work on special project.  Review playoff formats and policies.  help set up end-of-season happy hour.  Continue to assist with sales of website advertising space.  Update blog on website and various social media outlets.

Week 10:  Assist with Lucky's Pub marketing and general event planning.  Final meeting with supervisor to discuss special event progress.  Assist with playoff bracketing and seeding.

Week 11:  Complete special project.  Help design and proof ads and promotional pieces for website.  Also help with the design of promtional flyers and posters.  Post final blog on website and various social media outlets.

Week 12:  Complete evaluation form and have exit interview with the supervisor and all of the staff.  Give internship feedback and summary.  present summary of completed special project.

Special Projects Examples

Special projects can give an intern a sence of responsibilty and real investment in our business.  Here are a few examples of past intern projects:

  1. Feasibility study into new area (Clear Lake, Woodlands).
  2. Customer service and needs assessment study
  3. Create and launch a new league or event
Lucky's Pub Affiliation

Sportsmonkey is part of a partnership group that owns one of Houston's premiere sports bars Lucky's Pub!  It is over 16,000 square feet and is located downtown in walking distance to Minute Maid Park, Toyota Center and George R. Brown Covention Center.  Our offices are located right across the street from Lucky's Pub.  Between Sportsmonkey and Lucky's Pub we are able to cross promote and market many diverse special events.  Most of our large special events are hosted by Lucky's Pub and/or Warehouse Live (concert venue next door to Lucky's).  As part of our program our intern will get to work directly with Lucky's and assist with selected programs and special events.  The intern will be able to gain invaluable field experience with specific grass roots marketing and promotions.

SSIA member - What does that mean for you?

Sportsmonkey is also a member of the SSIA (Sport and Social Industry Association). 

The Sport & Social Industry Association is a trade organization that connects the hundreds of existing and emerging companies in the Sport & Social Industry. It is a collaborative effort between businesses that produce and manage various adult sport leagues and social events. The main goals of the SSIA are to help the industry and its players grow through cooperative efforts. The bottom line: improve the overall Sport & Social business climate.

This presents future employment paths and opportunities for interns once they have completed their internship that used to not be available or were very hard to find.


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